Listening – The song “Slip” by recently caught my ear after seeing this great dance performance piece to the song. Give it a listen and check out the beautiful choreography:

Reading – Game of Thrones Book Two: A Clash of Kings. Still. But seriously, I’m going to finish it. I swear.

Watching – Newsroom. In the middle of season 2, and I can’t stop/won’t stop. The whole three season series is available on HBO Now.

Working – All the time. Some possibly big changes in my work life TBA. Also, trying to develop a new workout plan. Add it to my list of things I’m “working” on, and the list is maybe getting a little too long.

Drinking – Fast Drip coffee from Big Shoulders, my new favorite coffee spot in Chicago. Right by my summer apartment, steps from the blue line & the 66, has a transit tracker so you can see when the next train/bus is coming, and of course amazing coffee. Get on it!

Loving – Jon Stewart. His remarks about the Charleston shooting this past week brought me to tears. If you haven’t watched this yet, you seriously need to. And then actually think about what he’s saying. I beg of you.

Excited for – The beginning of my Masters program on July 9th. Even though I am participating in the distance MLIS program called “LEEP,” we get to do a one week intensive class and campus visit this summer at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagn. Who would’ve thought I would be so excited to start having homework again?

Counting down – For fourth of July! So ready for a #longweekend.

What are you up to currently?


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