Listening – JOSEPH. This female trio is INCREDIBLE. Their music definitely speaks to where I’m at with a lot of things write now, and their voices are just beautiful. It’s been on my Spotify nonstop lately.


Reading – Ok, I’m going to be honest. I read Grey, the Fifty Shades of Grey from Christian’s perspective. Love it or hate it, I think these books started a national conversation about sex and relationships that is refreshing to see and I enjoy the guilty pleasure to a certain extent. Mixed feelings about the book, but a good escapism for the week.


Watching – White Collar. I stopped following this show for a bit after season 4 but now that season 6 (the last) was added to Netflix I thought I would wrap it up. I enjoy the storylines in this show, and Matthew Bomber is adorable and plays a great con-man.

Working – Big news: I have officially accepted a new job! I will be starting in a couple of weeks as a Project Assistant in Collection Services at the Newberry (where I currently work). I’m very excited to make the switch to the more technical side of library services and learn how to write all of the MARC records and metadata!


Counting down – For my pending move in August! Myself and 4 friends are moving to a great duplex on the north side, and I cannot wait to start a new adventure in a new part of the city.

What are you up to currently?

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