Coalfire : Lakeview, great food in Chi

Pizza is one of those foods that is just too delicious. So when they opened a Coalfire Pizza on Southport, I knew I had to go.
Coalfire’s original Chicago location is down in West Town, on Grand Ave. I ironically lived a mere half mile away from that location this summer a few months but never made it over to try the acclaimed Chicago pizza. Since the Lakeview opening this past fall, I have been at least a handful of times for eating in or takeout. Both options have been great experiences.
When we dined in we tried some of the craft beer samplings, which provided a nice variety without being too overwhelming if you’re not a huge beer nut. We ordered the Bruschetta as an appetizer, which turned out to be warm and fresh all at once. The balsamic drizzle on top really solidified the dish.

Pizza wise we opted for the Pepperoni and Whipped Ricotta Pizza. AKA some of the best pizza I’ve had in my life. The whipped ricotta is amazing – it adds a texture and flavor that is unexpected but really compliments the other elements. I would seriously recommend it to anyone who stops in.
Coalfire is definitely one of my Southport go-tos – make sure to check them out next time you’re in the area.


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