Currently: Summer 2016, or that time I fell off the face of the Earth

So for many months now I have intended to get back to this blog, which I was so excited to start. But then…life happened. Between some personal life changes, working like crazy, and trying to plow through my MLIS like a mad woman I feel like I’ve been moving in a thousand directions.

There’s been SO many wonderful/crazy/stressful(etc…) things happening over the past few months, I can’t help but do a recap post to get everything up to speed.

I’ve also been going through a huge change in my personal life, and transitioning to a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend as of June. My awesome guy got a fellowship for the next year at the University of Georgia, so for the next 11 months (who’s counting?) we’ll be keepin’ on, long distance style. It’s been a really huge adjustment, and I miss him like crazy, but we’ve already been having a blast traveling to see one another and have some great trips planned already (3 weeks to Cancun!).

Additionally, I’m prepping for a move at the end of the month with one of my best friends of a decade now into our own 2 bedroom apartment in Wicker Park. I’ve been a north-sider for the majority of my time in Chicago and I’m so excited for our new adventure in a new part of town (more on that to come).

I hope everyone’s summer has been filled with the best things that summer can bring!



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