"The Wormhole"

Today I began my newest venture, to visit as many of the highly-rated coffee shops in Chicago as I can. As anyone who knows me well can tell you, I am a coffee fanatic – it is pretty rare to see me without some sort of coffee in hand.
I undertook a similar project this past fall with one of my wonderful roommates to many of the famously amazing donut shops of Chicago (which I will also post reviews on one of these days), but I thought it was high time I undertook this project and decided to start immediately.
For my first visit, I chose The Wormhole of Wicker Park in Chicago. The atmosphere is a crazy, retro 80s theme that extends from the DeLorean car perched in the back to the old armchairs and video game paraphernalia scattered throughout. For a minute, I thought this place might be too cool for me. But the people here were great and I quickly was less intimidated by the atmosphere. It was packed when I went in, and the seating is intimate so it it pretty hard to be entirely on your own. This fact, which would usually make me less inclined to stay at some shops was actually a great touch here and it was nice to be sitting so close to many other people working and reading as I did the same. Oh, and did I mention their great hours? Open 7am-11pm every day so if you’re looking for a late night work spot that’s not a Starbucks, this should definitely be on your list.

Overall, I would highly recommend The Wormhole, I had a lot of fun sitting here while I worked and enjoyed a great cup of coffee. I tried the Cold Brew and the “Peanut Butter Koopa Troopa” (forver a sucker for peanut butter & chocolate combinations), both were delicious!

Look out for more coffee shop adventures coming soon!


Chicago Architecture Tour

Last night I took the wonderful Chicago Architecture tour. The tour took us around the Chicago River by boat and a well-informed tour guide told us about different buildings as we navigated from River North, to the West Side, Downtown, and down to South Loop before returning back to our home base. Chicago is gorgeous at sunset and breathtaking at night. Although a little on the pricier side of things to do in Chicago, it was well worth it. 
Things like this just make me remember why I love this great city.



Listening – The song “Slip” by recently caught my ear after seeing this great dance performance piece to the song. Give it a listen and check out the beautiful choreography:

Reading – Game of Thrones Book Two: A Clash of Kings. Still. But seriously, I’m going to finish it. I swear.

Watching – Newsroom. In the middle of season 2, and I can’t stop/won’t stop. The whole three season series is available on HBO Now.

Working – All the time. Some possibly big changes in my work life TBA. Also, trying to develop a new workout plan. Add it to my list of things I’m “working” on, and the list is maybe getting a little too long.

Drinking – Fast Drip coffee from Big Shoulders, my new favorite coffee spot in Chicago. Right by my summer apartment, steps from the blue line & the 66, has a transit tracker so you can see when the next train/bus is coming, and of course amazing coffee. Get on it!

Loving – Jon Stewart. His remarks about the Charleston shooting this past week brought me to tears. If you haven’t watched this yet, you seriously need to. And then actually think about what he’s saying. I beg of you.

Excited for – The beginning of my Masters program on July 9th. Even though I am participating in the distance MLIS program called “LEEP,” we get to do a one week intensive class and campus visit this summer at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagn. Who would’ve thought I would be so excited to start having homework again?

Counting down – For fourth of July! So ready for a #longweekend.

What are you up to currently?

Weekly Rundown: Part 1, June 05, 2015

This week in…

Being an adult:

I moved last Sunday, from Lakeview to this nebulous area on the West side of Chicago, somewhere between West Loop, River West, and West Town. I was really apprehensive about moving to a new area, and I am very unfamiliar with the West side in general so it was a big leap for me. However, so far I am loving my new place! I’ll only be here for the summer to fill a gap between my old lease and a new one I want to start with some friends, but I’m looking forward to exploring a new area. Last night, we tried Butterfly Sushi on Grand right nearby, which I would highly recommend – decent prices, and solid food.



Still working my way through the second book in the Game of Thrones series. I love the show and was feeling too guilty having not read the books. I’m enjoying the read, but since I know what’s coming it makes it a little less suspenseful and also a little more difficult since I know the tragic things that lie ahead.

The News:

I’ve been trying to keep up with the news more lately, and open the New York Times or New Yorker every morning. Hopefully I can keep that up, especially as political news starts to heat up for the primaries.

What caught my eye (and everyone else’s) this week was all the media coverage around women. Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, summarized in a New Yorker article here. Jon Stewart, as usual, absolutely handed it to the media for their coverage of her transition in one of my favorite Daily Show clips of late in his segement Brave New Girl, and there was a great article about that in the Guadian the can be found here. This, paired with another timely article about female body image issues by Jennifer Weiner, “The Pressure to Look Good” made it a great week for women’s and trans issues in the News.

My Favorite Thing this Week:

“Everything You Thought You Knew about Love is Wrong” by Aziz Ansari of Parks and Recreation fame. He recently co-authored a book about modern dating. For all of you 20-somethings (and older) in the dating world, I think it’s definitely worth a read.

#instatakeover for the Newberry Library

Last week I got to spend a day taking over the instagram account for the Newberry Library (@newberrylibrary) where I work! I had a blast giving people an inside look on our day-to-day and behind the scenes operations, since much of what we do at the library is behind closed doors (literally). Here are the pictures I shared throughout the day for my #instatakeover #knowthenewb project:

Hello from your friendly neighborhood Newberry General Reading Room staff!

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Long Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you and yours had a great one. I had an unusual amount of time off work this weekend (I usually work weekends), so I was able to fit in a lot of rest and tons of fun. Here’s some of my favorite things from this holiday weekend:

Surfer Blood @ Lincoln Hall

Surfer Blood. Lincoln Hall

Friday night, I saw the group Surfer Blood with a friend over at Lincoln Hall. This group from Florida has a nice alternative rock vibe with a new album that just came out this month. I had never been to Lincoln Hall before, and the venue was nice and intimate but still had enough room to move around. Lincoln Hall also has a great lineup this summer and is at a great location in Lincoln Park.

Orange – Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL


I am certainly not the first to notice Orange, but I have to give credit where credit is due. This place was DELICIOUS. My pancake flight was on point, and the orange coffee (which I thought I would hate) had a great flavor.

Avengers – Age of Ultron

I almost never go to the movie theater, but my family brought me a long to see this one on Sunday. While I’m not sure if it was my favorite of the Marvel movies that have been coming out recently, it was definitely an entertaining watch.

Sinatra: All or Nothing at All, Part 1


If you love music, Sinatra, documentaries, or just a good story definitely check this one out.

Special Shout-Out: Ireland

This weekend, Ireland became one of the first countries to nationally legalize gay marriage. Despite the socially conservative reputation of Ireland due to their affiliation with the Catholic Church, 1,201,607 voted in favor of the landmark referendum, while 734,300 voted against it. You can read more about the vote here. Way to go Ireland!

Looking forward to a great week ahead!

Sweet home, Chicago

I love Chicago.

From the lake, to the streets, to the stores, and even to the CTA I have always been drawn to the “Second City.” To me, no other place has ever compared. After finishing up my undergraduate at a small school in small-town Wisconsin, I moved to Chicago to start my first full-time job and begin to navigate the roller coaster ride of being in your 20s.

This blog will be about me, my life, and this amazing city I get to call home